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Hyde Realty can help answer all your questions about renting real estateAs with Buying or Selling Real Estate, there are many questions people have about Renting Real Estate. Here are a few commonly asked questions that we have answered for you.

How Do I Get Started?
When searching for a rental property, think carefully about;

  • A rough estimate of how much rent you can afford to pay,
  • The standard of living you require (and any special needs you may have), and
  • Where you would like to live.

How Do I Search For A Rental Property?
You need to approach a real estate agent that has knowledge of available properties and can show you them. With Hyde Realty having almost 100 years of experience, helping people Sell, Buy & Rent, we are one of the most equipped helpful sources available for people wishing to rent a property fit for their needs in Port Washington or extended surrounding areas.

How Do I Arrange To Inspect A Property?
Should you wish to find out more about a property, or want to arrange an inspection, just let the agent you’re working with know and they can make all necessary arrangements for a time that suits you.

How Do I Apply To Lease A Property?
If you have viewed a property that is available for lease and you want to make an application, you will need to fill out a Rental Binder with Credit Application, completing all areas where information is required.

What Is The Screening Process And When Will I Be Notified?
Once the Application has been received, it will be processed by the agents who will confirm the information you have supplied. Your Application, together with any others that may have been received for the same property will be referred to the owner of that property for his / her instruction. You will be contacted by the agent and advised of the outcome.

What Happens When The Application Is Approved?
If your Application has been successful, you will be requested to call in at our office at 277 Main St, Port Washington to complete the necessary documentation and make any payments required. You will need to fill out a Lead Based Paint Form a Disclosure Form & a Lease. Then you can collect the keys from the listing agent.

How Do I Organize Payment?
All rents are payable in accordance with the lease & payments are to the landlord or the managing agent.

Who Do I Call If Any Maintenance Issues Arise?
Further information regarding the property will be provided to you at the sign-up interview. However should any issues arise before, during or after the tenancy period, please contact your individual agent at Hyde Realty on 516 944-7600.