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Why List with Hyde Realty?

Hyde Realty has close to 100 years of experience in real estateOnce you have a group of candidates, it’s time to find the one who’s right for you. How? Ask them some pertinent questions. Start with how long they’ve been in the business, what experience they have had in your neighborhood, what is their fee and how long homes are usually on the market in your area, etc.

Working with an agent is a give and take arrangement. You both bring something to the home selling table so you should spell out all of your needs up front. Find out how much you can expect to recoup out of certain home improvements you’ve made etc.

All agents vary significantly in quality of service, expertise and so on. But we at Hyde believe it is our sole responsibility to recognize the special needs you require to make your move as easy and as stress free as possible. With an end result beyond your expectations, and achieved in no time at all.

Selling your home is much more than just plucking a result out of the air. The price you get is the result of a detailed process and many factors combined. If one link in the process is missing it could cost you. So this is how Hyde Realty and Diane Andersen can help you accomplish your goal:

- Hyde Realty has built up a tremendous reputation for helping people from Port Washington, Sand Point, Manhasset and many other communities, with their Real Estate needs for almost 100 years.

- Our success is testament to the fact that we pride ourselves on being a dynamic, innovative, progressive organization. An organization built on a business philosophy aimed squarely at quality service, care, high standards, integrity & results. This is what has made our clients return again and again over the years, as we work on a “client for life” principal.

- Having this reputation enables us to be one of the first contact points for a large number of prospective buyers looking to buy in the area.

- Attracting so many buyers is great for us and you because it gives us more of a chance to deal with buyers directly, in regard to your property when it is listed through us. Reducing the chance of buyers being represented through other agencies that won’t know as much about your property as we will. So by maximizing the chance for this scenario to occur, we can have more control over the sale of your property, which means less confusion. If your home is listed with us we can push the selling points harder if we have the buyer, than an outside agency may with their buyer, because we will know the details of the property better. This then gives you stronger grounds to get a better price.

- Diane Andersen (Owner/Broker) will consult with you to inform you on every aspect associated with making a move & selling a property. Diane is 100% hands on with all listings. She has over 20 years in the industry, having lived in the area for even longer & putting together hundreds of transactions, you can be assured your property couldn’t be in safer hands. (She’s available 24 hours a day).

- Diane and the Hyde Realty team consists of skilled and energetic staff that have achieved much fulfillment and considerable personal success through their commitment to serving the needs of their clients.

- The Hyde Teams expert knowledge of the area, connections, contacts and extensive database’s gives us many sources of buyers that we can channel directly to your property for a successful sale, before a marketing campaign even starts.

- We have the experience, knowledge and ability to be able to price your property competitively in the current market for a quick sale at the highest price, and we have the results to back up our knowledge and ability to do this.

- The Hyde team frequently focus’s on internal and external training, to ensure that we have highly trained skills that are required to cover every aspect of your sale. Particularly selling, negotiating and marketing skills.

- We advertise and use ALL the main publications and marketing tools available to ensure that we cast a net big enough to catch the attention of all active buyers looking in the market range your homes in and beyond.

- We guarantee that we will be with you right through the moving process. From early discussion about placing your property on the market, to closing and beyond.

- When your property is on the market with us, we commit to educating you on all steps of the moving process, and educating you on the current market and current values.

- We check all documentation required for a smooth sale and closing, to avoid any hiccups or delays.

- From the experience of hundreds of sales, we can inform you on things to do to maximize potential value. Plus advise you on things you shouldn’t do, or over capitalize on before a sale.

- We supply constant feedback so you know about the status and the progress of your selling campaign every day.

- We have a mortgage banker at Chase Manhattan Bank who will conduct credit checks and pre-qualify all potential buyers, so we don’t waste your time and ours.

- Diane or another agent from the office accompanies all appointments at a time that suits you, so you don’t have to deal with buyers or other brokers.

- We can suggest many reliable contacts and people available to help with other facets of your move. (Trades people etc.)

- We continue to accept back up offers on the property, after you may have accepted an offer. In the event of a deal falling through.

- We advertise then conduct Open House Inspections. These are done at a time that suits you, usually on the weekend when the majority of buyers are free. Information is exchanged on the property and buyer information obtained. One or more Hyde staff conducts the open houses, and the utmost care is taken to protect your home and your belongings.

Reasons to avoid selling your own property:

- Homeowners lack the knowledge to price their homes competitively. Homeowners may overprice their homes. The last thing you want is to have your property stay on the market too long. Sellers aren’t always aware of market conditions.

- Homeowners aren’t objective about their homes. They are too personally involved. Even though Diane Andersen empathizes with the seller’s nostalgia, she won’t let that emotion thwart the sale.

- Homeowners may spend money needlessly on repairs that aren’t really necessary.

- Homeowners may lack negation skills. They may also lose buyers if they decide not to counter a low first offer because of a gut reaction that their home is worth much more.

- Homeowners may not know how to get financing. Diane has at her fingertips her own personal mortgage brokers, private portfolio, lending institution, in addition to banks.

- Diane can show the homeowners ads that have brought success to through the marketing of her listings. She can help sellers avoid listing language that could get them into trouble or alienate the property.

- A homeowner may not have the experience dealing with contracts and other forms as well as settlement responsibilities. Diane can work out costs for the homeowner.

- Homeowners lack a source of serious, qualified prospects. Diane Andersen can show buyers how to reschedule assets and debts to make in roads with lenders.

- Diane can contend with lookers, strangers. FSBO’s in selling their own homes must give out their address. Diane can pre-qualify prospects and drive them to the property and gain a rapport.

- Many homeowners receive bargain hunters and insecure offers.

Diane Andersen is not only a real estate broker but also a consultant to the seller to make the complex process of selling easy.

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