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Property Checklist

Hyde Realty's experienced professionals can show you what to look when viewing a homeInspection of the outside of the house:

Foundation: Check for holes, cracks, unevenness

Brickwork: Look for cracks loose or missing mortar

Siding: (Clapboard, shingles etc.) Look for loose or missing pieces, lifting or warping.

Paint: Look for peeling, shipping or blistering

Entrance Porch: Examine steps, handrails, posts, etc

Windows/Screens: Look for cracked or broken glass, holes in screens

Roof: Look for worn or bald spots: (How old?)

Gutter & Down Spouts: Check for missing sections

Chimney: Look for tilting, loose or missing bricks.

Garage: Check doors, room windows

Driveway: Look for holes or cracks

Ground/Landscaping: Trees, shrubbery etc. should be well groomed.

Inspection of the inside of the house:

Floors: Check for levelness, bowing or movement

Stairs: Look for handrails, cracked steps, loose steps

Plumbing: Check water pipes for leaks, rust, look for dripping faucets. Nice looking caulking around showers and tubs.

Heating System: Get utility bills ready, check that it is running efficiently

Hot Water Heater: Check for leaking and rusting, efficiency

Electrical System: Check for exposed wires, uncovered outlets. Know the service of the CB’s fuses

Kitchen: Check condition and age of all appliances

Doors: Do they close and lock properly

Walls/Ceilings: Check for cracks, loose plaster and signs of leaks or stains

Basement: Check for signs of leakage and dampness

Attic: Look for signs of roof leaks? Check for insulation. How much and what type? Is insulation on roof or attic floor?

Certificate of Occupancy: Make sure all C.O’s have been acquired.

Lighting: Make sure all lights are on when showing and working