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Advertising / Marketing

Let Hyde Realty develop a marketing plan to sell your home quicklyA very wise old man once said, "Trying to sell something without advertising is like trying to wink at a girl in the dark…you know what you're doing, but no-one else does."

This principle is very true when it comes to selling real estate. In order to achieve the very best result possible you need to expose your property to as many buyers as possible. This in turn will generate more buyers interested in your property, and therefore more competition for it. Greater competition almost inevitably means a greater result in a shorter time.

Among the many important elements of an effective marketing campaign that may be considered are:

1) Using an Established agency, such as Hyde (Almost 100 years of experience)

2) Using an agent that is a member of the Port Washington and Manhasset Realty board.

3) Using an agent that is a member of the Long Island Board of Realtors (Multiple Listing Service). A computerized listing of all homes available for sale in your area. Which will then feature/expose your property on an Internet property search available to all member brokers.

4) Using an agency with a fully comprehensive Website. Offering an abundance of Real Estate related information and being able to advertise your property on the internet, and attract more buyers. Such as Hyde with www.hyderealty.net

5) Using an agent with regular promotion in and capability to advertise in:

• The New York Times
• Portfolio Homes
• The Wall Street Journal
• Law Journal
• Relocation Corporations
• Internet (On many sites eg. Nytimes.com, mlslirealtor.com, hyderealty.net)
• Port Washington News
• Realtor.com
• Showcase of Homes
• Homes of Distinction

6) Heavy Promotion of Property by Hyde Salespeople, behind the scenes networking.

7) Open House inspections.

8) “For Sale’ signs in front of the property (If it is permitted)

9) Color highlights sheets for each client to take.

10) Video capabilities of interior of your home

Using these services and advertising/marketing points of difference, allows us to assure you that no stone will be unturned to develop the best buyer at the highest price.

Open Houses:

Open House Inspections allow both buyers and brokers to view the property with ease while your agent is present and can show the property while answering questions. Open Houses are advertised in the press and can attract a larger number of people to come view the home. So Opens become an easy method for buyers to come to look without having to make an appointment in most cases, and it allows people to look at a time that’s convenient for you.

- The first Open House is the Broker Inspection. This is when the property is first available and introduced to the other brokers in Nassau County. No buyers will come at this time. However, this is the point when the knowledge of your property being available will spread, and brokers will inform potential customers. It is usually conducted between 11:30am – 1:30pm on a selected weekday.

- We will then schedule an open house for the public. (This usually is on Sunday, at a time that suits you). A lot of customers will come during that time, but when it doesn’t suit a customer, another time will be worked out that suits both you and them. To ensure they have the chance to see the property. When this is done, no one other than a member of Hyde Realty will contact you.

- The Public Open House is conducted in the same manner as the Broker’s Open House, except that we have attending customers/clients sign an open house sheet requesting their name, address and phone number.

- We prepare listing sheets, including photographs, a detailed description of the house, as well as all pertinent information needed when purchasing a home.

- Open House Inspection signs are placed at the end of the street in permitted areas, and on the corner of adjoining streets or main roads to capture the attention of as many people as possible.

- At the conclusion we make sure all lights are turned off and all doors locked when we leave, or leave the home as instructed.

- The people that viewed the property are then followed up, and feedback, questions or offers from customers are relayed straight back to you.