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Current Market Overview & Outlook:

Current Long Island market status and future forecast2004 So Far…

The year of 2004 so far has been an incredible period with all property owners seeing impressive gains in their real estate worth. However, there are signs that demand is slowing as buyers step back from the euphoria and a more realistic and analytical mood takes over. We see this as a good thing, as a balanced market is a far better market for all parties. We hasten to add that this change does not necessarily imply a “bust” either.

So what does the future hold? The good news is that even with many uncertain economic factors apparent & an election looming later in the year, I can’t see any sign of a major decline ahead. Whilst we don’t foresee the heat of the past few years, all the indications (including the strong results that we saw at the end of 2003), would indicate that the most likely scenario is one of a more balanced and steady year in 2004. With the most seasonal home selling period upon us, there seems to be a lot of early activity as per normal for this time of year. So I think that should allow property owners to be able to sell & move with confidence and for buyers to buy with confidence.

So, if you’re thinking of selling or buying this year – take heart… There is still considerable strength in the market. Any one of our 40 strong sales team would welcome your call.